The more start-ups and innovative MSMEs are supported and scaled, the more jobs will be created for women and youths, and more income will be generated, leading to quality livelihoods and sustainable and inclusive development.

Three Main Pillars

Innovation Financing

This includes, but not be limited to, building a viable pipeline of innovative impact ventures/ start-ups, working with partners to avail relevant and flexible financial and technical support to those ventures, and ultimately setting up an autonomous Funguo Innovation Facility that will leverage public funding to unlock private / third-party financing and investment.

Innovation Service Delivery

The programme contributes to strengthening the capacity of service delivery institutions (hubs, incubators, accelerators, professional business development services providers, etc.) to support and lead innovative start-ups to a stage where they can attract impact and/or commercial investments.

Innovation Enabling Environment

The programme works with and support policy makers and other innovation stakeholders to promote innovation & technology for development through conducive, progressive, and friendly policies and regulations, strategic dialogues, and engagement across the innovation ecosystem.
Invested in Startups
Startups & MSMEs Reached
Innovative Startups Funded

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