What we Do

Activities and initiatives undertaken by the Funguo Programme are categorized under the following complementary key pillars.

Innovation Financing

Innovation Service Delivery

Under this pillar, FUNGUO aims to contribute to strengthening the capacity of business development service delivery institutions (hubs, incubators, accelerators, professional business development services providers, etc…) in order to support and lead innovative start-ups to a stage where they can attract impact and/or commercial investments.

Innovation Enabling Environment

Under this pillar, FUNGUO works with and supports policy makers and other innovation stakeholders to promote innovation & technology for development through conducive, progressive, and friendly policies and regulations, strategic dialogues, and engagement platforms across the innovation ecosystem.

Implementation Approach and Philosophy

Through a combination of targeted initiatives across the three key pillars, the Funguo Innovation Programme is designed to lay the foundation for, and unlock the potential of, Tanzanian innovators and entrepreneurs to create scalable start-ups capable of attracting impact and commercial investments.

The focus on startups is informed by the belief that the more they are supported and scaled, the more jobs will be created for the many young men and women waiting for them, and more income will be generated, leading to sustainable and inclusive development.

The Funguo programme does not, however, intend to duplicate what is already being done by other ecosystem players, but to partner with them and amplify their efforts while focusing on what is missing. The programme approach is therefore meant to be flexible, engaging and picking up initiatives aligned with its main purpose, but informed by the ecosystem demand or missing links