Our Portfolio

Aatif Aquaponics

An innovative smart farming company taking advantage of the growing demand for vegetables and fruits based in Zanzibar.
  • Agribusiness

AgriLife Limited

Agrilife creates protein from waste by leveraging nature’s recycling agents, insects, through a natural and easily
  • Agribusiness

Agrosoko Limited

Agrosoko is a mobile and online enabled supply-chain and market linkage solution bridging the gap between fragmented
  • Agribusiness

Aquacom Tanzania

Aquacom seeks to increase accessibility to fish to all Tanzanians through supporting small and medium sized fish farms
  • Agribusiness

EcoAct Tanzania

ECOACT recycles and transforms plastic waste and packaging materials into durable plastic timbers used for building,
  • Recycling

FixChap Company

Fixchap is a Mobile App connecting homeowners with veed and verified handymen within their localities for repairs and
  • Gig Economy

Gas Fasta

Gas Fasta operates an on-demand cooking gas distribution platform oering the most convenient, fastest and cheapest way
  • Energy

KCG Aquatec

KCG Aquatec is active in the aquaculture in Tanzania, focusing on aquaculture specifically the production of tilapia
  • Agribusiness

LyfPlus Limited

Lyfplus is a telemedicine provider offering convenient and affordable medical services through its proprietary
  • Health

Mastermind Ventures Limited

Mastermind ventures is an agribusiness venture seeking to create impact by adding value to the cashew crop through an
  • Food and Beverages

Mtabe Innovations

Mtabe is an edtech platform that helps secondary school students get access to a personal tutor to answer any
  • Education

Ngwala Inventions Limited

Ngwala inventions has developed automated solar powered bio-pesticide/bio-fertilizer dispensing machines for organic
  • Agribusiness

Niajiri Platform Limited

Niajiri is a workforce development tech platform that skills up entry level talent and provides them with visibility
  • Workforce Development

Plant Biodefenders Limited

Plant Biodefenders produce VURUGA Biocide, an organic pesticide for management of crops. Unlike chemical-based
  • Agribusiness

Safari Wallet

Safari Wallet is an online travel fin-tech marketplace that oers economic opportunities to both local tour operators,
  • Tourism and Hospitality

Shuleyetu Innovations

Shuleyetu is a customer centric and user-friendly school management platform helping schools ensure smooth operations
  • Education

Smartcore Enterprise

Smartcore is a blended education technology and social enterprise, making quality & relevant secondary education
  • Education

Soma Bags Limited

Soma Bags designs, manufactures and sells African stylish solar schoolbags made by 70% from up-cycled materials like
  • Manufacturing

Tanzania International Bee

Tanzania International Bee Co. Ltd. uses an inclusive business model which involves modern agriculture with beekeeping
  • Agribusiness

Techy8 Company Limited

Techy8 is an innovative women founded tech company that provides IT Solutions and Consulting services. One of the
  • ICT and Media


TIBALABS makes low-cost medical devices that work in resource-scarce servings, currently working on energy efficient
  • Health

Toolboksi Technologies

Toolboksi is a technology platform that helps customers (households and businesses) efficiently find local handymen
  • Gig Economy

UjuziNet Edtech

UjuziNet is an edtech startup that deals with digital technology solutions in Agriculture, Education and Multimedia.
  • Agribusiness

Yebi Health

Yebi Health is a start-up committed to employing technology to streamline medical supply chain in Tanzania and beyond.
  • Health