Innovation and Tech Forum

Following the success of the first and second Innovation and Tech Forums (InnoTechForum), the FUNGUO Programme, in coordination with Media Convergency and in collaboration with COSTECH and the ICT Commission in 2022, hosted the third and fourth Innovation and Tech Forums which reflected on the themes “Digital Transformation for Youth Jobs: The Central Role of Progressive Policies” and “The Digital Tanzania We Need – What will it take to realize it?” respectively.

In all the forums, the discussions centred around the current status of the innovation ecosystem, the opportunities and challenges, and what could be done to do better. The curation of this quarterly engagement platforms always ensures the active participation of senior policy makers at the Permanent Secretary level and heads of Government agencies. The themes were kept on key topical issues that require the engagement at that level.

The platform was officially launched on the 27th of August 2021. The forum enhances and improves an enabling environment for women and youth-led innovation and further aims at creating an Enabling Environment for Youth-led Innovation ventures through solutions-oriented Discussions in the Ecosystem.

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