6th Tanzania Annual ICT Conference

FUNGUO sponsored and participated in the 6th Tanzania Annual ICT Conference in Zanzibar organized by the Ministry of Information, Communication, and Information Technology through the ICT Commission which aimed at discussing enabling environment for ICT growth in Tanzania, reflecting on the theme “leveraging digital transformation in the blue economy for social-economic development.”

During the conference, the FUNGUO Programme manager moderated a session on the challenges of providing telecommunications services. The session discussed how Tanzanians could access, improve, and use quality digital communications services as well as create new products and services. The conference was a great learning opportunity on the state of the ICT sector in Tanzania and new trends that are arising with the aim of transforming the sector in Tanzania.

It was quite noted during the conference that Zanzibar is on its way of becoming an ICT Hub i.e., Silicon Zanzibar by Wasoko and the Revolutionary Government of Zanzibar who presented during the event other international organisations that are setting camp in the island with the aim of being part of the ICT Transformation. The 6th Annual ICT Conference was also a great platform to learn from other nations ie. Estonia on how they managed to become a digital nation and how Tanzania can achieve the same. FUNGUO has been supporting this platform for the second year in a row now.