MoH Zanzibar disseminate the national community health strategy

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The Ministry of Health (MoH) led in disseminating the national community health strategy and the initial lesson learned in the CHV roll out programme funded by HDIF with our grantee DTree facilitation from the 28th to 30th of July in PEMBA and Unguja.

In Pemba the workshop was officiated by the regional commissioner while in Unguja the meeting was officiated by the PS from the President’s Office, Regional Administration, Local Government and Special Departments (PO-RALGSD).

In both workshops, the meeting was chaired and led by Dr Fadhil Director Preventative Services (Mkurugenzi Mkuu Kinga) in ensuring the right messaging in translating the community health strategy and lessons in decentralizing services to the community level. The workshops was attended by various local government structures that will own the implementation of the strategy from the central PROLAGSD to the community Shehia level.

There was a great appreciation from the local government structures that will lead to more ownership and successful implementation of the National CHV programme by the government

About the project

In Zanzibar, maternal, newborn and child mortality remain high, often due to a lack of awareness of, and information about, essential health services and a lack of coordination between patients, health workers and health facilities. Public health facilities that provide early childhood development (ECD) services regularly report challenges with receiving quality data on immunization coverage, children’s nutritional status and access to safe drinking water. Together, these deficits can result in delays in seeking and receiving care during critical times for families and lead to inadequate health responses based on inaccurate information.