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The ultimate aim of FUNGUO is to increase the number of successfully scaled innovation ventures/ startups to contribute to the national development goals and the SDGs in Tanzania.

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What is the Funguo Program?

The Funguo Program, is a new programme implemented by United Nations Development Program Tanzania (UNDP), and funded by UNDP, the British High Commission, and the European Union Delegation to Tanzania (EU). The programme builds on the legacy of the Human Development Innovation Fund (HDIF) and works in partnership with The Tanzania Commission for Science and Technology (COSTECH) from the Ministry of Education, Science, and Technology. The objective of the Program is to contribute to the achievement of the national development goals as well as the achievement of the SDG in Tanzania through increasing the number of successfully scaled impact ventures (innovators) in Tanzania.

What are the Funguo objectives?

1. Catalytic Fund: Create a flagship portfolio of investment ready impact ventures that unlock third party private investment / finance to achieve further growth; with the positive externality to stimulate investments in innovation also beyond the portfolio ventures. The Funguo Facility and Fund are created as an independent non-profit that operates an open ended, revolving fund in order to continue the core activities beyond the programme.

2. Innovation Ecosystem: Capacitate innovation ecosystem service providers to be able to source technical assistance for the Funguo portfolio of ventures under with the positive externality of an overall increased capacity and alignment in the innovation ecosystem that all impact ventures in Tanzania can benefit from.

3. Enabling Environment: Innovation is promoted in the country and public and private stakeholders in the innovation ecosystem are aligned and capacitated to embrace and adopt innovation, which translates into key stakeholder’s innovation friendly strategies, policies and activities to allow impact ventures to thrive.

Why has HDIF been changed to Funguo?

The Human Development Innovation Fund (HDIF) is a programme funded through the British High Commission. The programme was due to close in July 2021 and could not be extended. As a result of the excellent work done by the programme, partners and funders came together to create the Funguo Program to build on the legacy of the programme and continue to provide development partner financing and support to innovation in Tanzania.

What will happen to Innovation Week?

Innovation Week will continue to happen and will be supported by the Funguo Program as part of the HDIF legacy work. @Innovationweektz will remain the handle for you to get your updates on this exciting event.

What will happen to HDIF social media accounts?

The Funguo Program will take over the administration of the HDIF social media accounts and continue to share information on innovation in Tanzania, as well as Funguo Program activities.

What will happen to the HDIF website?

The HDIF website will continue to run for three years.

What will happen to innovate.co.tz?

Innovate.co.tz is HDIF’s ecosystem mapping tool. The project will continue to run under Funguo. Please visit the site to learn more!

Does Funguo have a website?

No, Funguo does not yet have a website, it is under construction. For updates on the Funguo Program, please follow the handle @Funguo_tz or using the username (Funguo Tanzania) on social media.

What will happen to my HDIF Mail Chimp subscription?

Funguo will take over the HDIF Mail Chimp mailing list, so you will still receive quarterly updates and news on the activities of the Funguo Program and the innovation ecosystem.

How can I take part in the Funguo Program? Will there be funds available that I can apply to?

The Funguo Program is still designing and working on launching its first initiatives, and does not currently have an open call for funding applications and does not accept unsolicited funding requests. Please follow the handle @Funguo_tz or using the username (Funguo Tanzania) for all the programme updates and opportunities.

Do I need to do anything to stay in touch with Funguo?

If you are already following HDIF then no need to take action, the accounts have transitioned from HDIF to Funguo and you will now be following the Funguo Program through the handle @Funguo_tz or the username Funguo Tanzania.


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